Mike Hernandez

A vital part of the Brownsville, Texas, community, Michael (Mike) Albert Hernandez III is the semi-retired chief executive officer of D & M Leasing, a Dallas consumer automobile leasing company. Mike Hernandez III was born in Cameron county but moved to Dallas while in high school and joined the D & M Leasing team in 1984. Subsequently, he assumed partial ownership of the company in 1990, and full ownership in 2005.

Alongside his work in the automobile industry, Micheal Albert Hernandez III was also involved with oil and gas, real estate development, finance, and cattle ranching. He has capitalized on his experiences in these diverse fields to spearhead a number of community development projects in Brownsville. Last year, he launched OP 10.33 PAC, which will invest in the city’s social services to increase opportunity available to residents.

Mike Hernandez III and his OP 10.33 team also support candidates for local government office who will help provide a better tomorrow in the community. Seeing the potential in the region for developing into a leader in Cameron county, his plan is to improve the situation of all Brownsville residents.